PTFE MESH CONVEYOR BELT/PTFE coated Kevlar mesh belt

Temperature resistance from 70C to +260°C.
Non-stick surface, easy to clean.
Chemical resistance. Be resistant to various organic solvent.
Good stability in size, high strength, good mechanical performance.
 Bending fatigue resistance, and can be used on smaller wheel.
Non-toxic, and can resist almost all pharmaceutical products.
Fire Proof.
 Air permeability of the conveyor belt can reduce the heat-consuming, and improve the drying efficiency.
Applications: (Any industry which need conveyor belts in heat air flow or heat processing)
Textile and dyeing: drying for textile printing, dyeing, shrinking, non-woven fabric, and in industry oven.
The loose-dryer, offset, UV curing machine, paper oil drying, UV drying, plastic printing drying.
High-frequency wave drying, microwave drying, food refrigeration and defrost, baking, packaging heat shrinking.
Main mesh size: 1mm*1mm, 2mm*2.5mm, 4mm*4mm and 10mm*10mm
Color: Brown, Black or Beige
Types of edge reinforcement :PTFE film edge, PTFE cotaed fiberglass fabric edge ,PTFE coated kevlar fabric edge.
Tyepes of joint:Castellated joint;Alligator joint;Clipper Joint;Spiral Joint;Bull nost joint;Overlap joint