PTFE FILM adhesive tape /PTFE skived film tape

Non-stick PTFE film provides an exceptionally slick surface for easy clean-up
Silicone adhesive provides clean removal from a variety of surfaces
Wide temperature range for performance on heated machinery and equipment
Thicker version of  PTFE Skived Film Tape , providing more durability and longer wear
Skived  PTFE Film Tapes are more conformable than typical extruded PTFE film tapes
Excellent chemical resistance enables tape to withstand challenging applications
Our skived film backing provides good conformability when unwound from the roll compared to typical extruded PTFE film tapes. We developed this tape as a quick and easy solution to reduce friction between moving surfaces. It functions as an anti-stick or easy-release medium between surfaces where pressure, temperature changes and other factors may create a measure of adhesion. Applying 3M™ PTFE Skived Film Tape 5481 can help improve surface movement, eliminate squeaks and rattles, and reduce machine noise. PTFE is chemical resistant and can be used as a temporary chemical barrier. The tape has a wide temperature use range, from -65°F/-54°C to 500°F/260°C, making it suitable in a wide variety of applications.
Roll-wrap for web processing, belts and plates where sticky materials and inks may occur
High temperature wire bundling and harnessing
Squeak and noise reduction
Shielding and protecting against chemicals
Mold release for composite bonding
Thickiness : 0.05mm; 0.08mm; 0.11mm; 0.13mm; 0.18mm;0.25mm  (±0.01mm)